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How Does a Conventional Split System Operate?

Conventional air conditioners operate their compressors at a fixed speed and therefore deliver a fixed amount of power. As a result the compressor must continually stop and start to maintain the desired room temperature.

Top Energy Saver Award


Our conventional split systems match 2006TESAW which is an award for top energy saving unit.

To be eligible for a TESAW award, products must meet minimum energy efficiency criteria. Manufacturers also have to agree to a set of award conditions. Awards are year specific - the minimum energy efficiency criteria and the conditions will be updated each year.

TESAW is an award system that governments have created to recognise the most efficient star rated products on the market. It applies to both electric and gas products that carry a star rating energy label. It is an award system that helps consumers quickly identify the most efficient products on the market. The award is updated every year and the scheme replaces the previous Galaxy Award system.


Our units come with soft starters, which can keep the starting current within the limit of 45 A, which is suitable for Australian standards.

The Proma Soft Starter is designed to reduce the start-up current drawn by the unit when the compressor switches on and off.

Cut cooling costs by 9% with Proma’s soft starter units.

The Soft Start Kit also adds or enhances safety features not available in the past, including:

  • Surge capacitor protection
  • Current unbalance protection
  • Phase failure protection
  • Over-current protection
  • Fault code display
  • Self diagnostics


Air Conditioner soft start system

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