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Brand new 2.5HP Inverter Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioner. This unit is brand new, comes fully charged with environment friendly R410A refrigerant and comes with 3 meters copper pipe. Powered by the powerful and WORLD FAMOUS TOSHIBA compressor.

Cooling Btu/h 17500(5300-23000)
KW 4.95(1.6-6.7)
Heating Btu/h 17000(5100-22000)
KW 4.85(1.5-6.4)
Voltage, Frequency, Phase V~,Hz,Ph 220-240, 50, 1
Power Input Cooling W 1600(400-2300)
Heating W 1550(360-2100)
Operating Current Cooling A 7.0(1.8-10.4)
Heating A 6.5(1.6-9.5)
EER Btu/h 10.9,3.21
COP W/W 3.41
Energy Rate 4.5/3.5
Air Flow Volume Indoor m3/h 800
Noise Level Indoor(Hi/Med/Low) dB(A) 43/40/37
Outdoor dB(A) 56
Indoor unit WxHxD mm 920x292x224
Outdoor unit WxHxD mm 845x695x335
Net weight Indoor/Outdoor kg 11.5/52
Indoor unit WxHxD 1020x385x320
Out unit WxHxD 965x755x395
Net Weight Indoor/Outdoor 14.5/56
Liquid Side mm(inch) 6.35(1/4")
Gas Side mm(inch) 12.7(1/2")
m2 28-45
Temp. Compensation
The ceiling temperature is often higher than the floor temperature. This function can automatically eliminate the temperature difference between them.
DSP High-speed Chip
DSP High Speed Chip: Proma inverter air-conditioners use the high speed chip by Texas Instruments, it makes response time of air-conditioner 20 times faster than ordinary MCU, and indoor temperature precisely controlled at +-0.5c.
Operating at Full Range Voltage
Air Conditioner can run when the voltage is 250v or 160v.
Auto-Restart Function
When the power is off and then on, the unit automatically restores the previous setting.
Sleep Mode
This function enables the unit to automatically increase (cooling) or decrease (heating) 1c per hour for the first two hours, then hold steady for the next 5 hours, after that the unit will stop operation. It can maintain the most comfortable temperature and save energy.
Turbo Mode
This function enables the unit to reach the preset temperature in the shortest time.
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